• B. Léger

Today I am inspired! Hope its catchy:)

It has been tough as an artist to find relevance and inspiration in these challenging times but today I have found inspiration in The Rhesus Macaque Monkey. These are the monkeys used in the development of a vaccine for Covid-19 pandemic. Humans and the macaques share about 93 percent of their DNA. This is why Scientists Globally have used the Macaque in testing potential vaccines. The Oxford lab has made leaps and bounds in this development, thanks to the Rhesus Macaque, they have now moved on to human testing, soon to have a vaccine.

These amazing animals have helped humanity to be free and live freely again. I for one am grateful! My Rhesus Macaque Collection is my way to mark this chapter in history and give thanks to the first line of heroes.

Rhesus Macaque Collection 2020 …M.D.O.G. multi dimensional oils on glass

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