Here is a note about the Artist.

B. Léger is a Master Marine Oil Painter and a purist. As a purist Léger does not make prints or any reproductions of any kind. This principle gave birth to the MDOG stones. Léger wanted to offer her art for reasonable prices with the same quality and creativity as her substantial larger works of traditional oil paintings www.barbaraleger.com.

The MDOG stones are signed originals. Each  composition is purposefully, slightly varied from the catalog image. The variation is not obvious and does not change the styling of the one pictured in the catalog but it is a suttle difference in order to stay an original and not a reproduction.​ All hand painted original oils.

MDOG©stones are developed in the same method as Framed MDOGs and are perfectly set in polished peices of granite or marble.

Story of the
©MDOG Stones
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©MDOG Stones

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           3x2 MDOG set in polished Granite