Framed and Mantle pieces

Framed in Mastercrafted

Aluminum Frames made in the       USA

Story of the
multi dimensional oils on glass by Léger

In the begining it was just an idea. An artistic vision and it came to me because my technique as an oil painter is illuminist. I work on silky smooth surfaces and nothing is smoother than glass. As an oil painter, I always work my compositions with attention to background mid-ground and foreground and with the MDOGs I literally divide my composition on each pane of crystal clear glass. The detail of one pane or level depends and plays off the next pane, adding incredible depth to the composition. I then give attention to detail with the first pane reverse painted to protect the art and make it easy to spray and wipe for cleaning.

Once the idea was drawn out in plans the engineering began. I have my frames made in the USA by a Master Craftsman using aluminum. The Frames are perfectly balanced to stand as sculpture and notched to easily hang on wall.

 I own the © on all facets of the multi dimensional oils on glass or MDOG by Léger

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