©Multi Dimensional Oils on glass

Framed and in aluminum base


Aluminum bases and Frames made in the USA

Surfers at Sunset
Story of the
multi dimensional oils on glass by Léger
mdog group2.jpg

Multi Dimensional Oils on Glass
was an idea, a concept that came to me from beyond. I grasped the idea, copyrighted it and developed it into a beautifully fluid form of art.
I use my skills as a Master Marine Oil Painter to bring three panes of glass together to make one fluid 
Multi Dimensional Oils on Glass, better known as MDOGs are comprised of crystal clear glass with foreground painted on the first 
pane, mid-ground painted on the second pane and background painted on the third pane.
The paintings on all three panes come through to complete a fluid composition. The glass is set in modern aluminum frames or set in stone. All works are hand painted original oils by Léger